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Clean. Restore. Protect.

At Marvel Details, we follow our proven method of 'clean, restore, protect' on every project that we are involved with. This unwavering commitment to excellence is the foundation of our work. However, we understand that every vehicle and every client is unique. That's why our services can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of you and your vehicle. We believe in delivering not just a service, but a personalized experience that exceeds your expectations.

Explore our comprehensive range of automotive detailing services, from paint correction to ceramic c


Make it feel new again.

Step One

Full Detail Service:

Restoring the Essence of Your Vehicle

At Marvel Details, our Full Detail service is the epitome of automotive rejuvenation. We go beyond the surface to bring your vehicle back to its pristine glory, both inside and out. We understand the importance of your vehicle's appearance and functionality, and our meticulous process reflects our commitment to excellence.

Our Approach:

  • Thorough Cleaning: We meticulously clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle, leaving no detail untouched. From the exterior finish to the interior upholstery, we ensure your vehicle shines like new.

  • Premium Products: We use only the highest-quality, automotive-grade products to safeguard your vehicle's delicate surfaces. Our products are carefully selected to avoid any chemical damage while delivering outstanding results.

  • Sanitization: In today's world, cleanliness is paramount. Our service includes the steam cleaning of high-touch areas within your vehicle, effectively sanitizing and safely removing contaminants.

  • Stain Removal: Our steam extraction process is designed to eliminate even the most stubborn set-in stains from fabric and carpeted surfaces. This ensures a fresh and revitalized interior.

  • Rapid Drying: With our innovative steam technology, surfaces dry quickly, often within 30 minutes. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of sitting on wet seats during your drive home.

Comprehensive Coverage: We take pride in providing a full-service experience that leaves no stone unturned. Our Full Detail service encompasses every aspect of your vehicle, from bumper to bumper. Whether it's the hidden crevices, intricate details, or the overall luster, we leave nothing to chance.

Would you like a detailed list of what our Full Detail service includes? Rest assured, it's a comprehensive and meticulous process designed to restore your vehicle to its prime condition. If you're ready to transform your vehicle and experience the Marvel Details touch, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Starting at $550. 

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Explore our comprehensive range of automotive detailing services, from paint correction to ceramic c


Full Paint Correction Services.

Step Two

Paint Correction and Paint Polishing with Protection: Unlock the Ultimate Brilliance and Protection for Your Vehicle

At Marvel Details, our commitment to automotive perfection is unwavering. We understand that your vehicle deserves more than ordinary care—it deserves the extraordinary. That's why we offer a comprehensive approach to paint restoration and protection that leaves no room for compromise.

Our Advanced Approach to Paint Correction:

  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: We embrace the extraordinary. Our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge techniques, including precision wet sanding, to meticulously smooth out imperfections and blemishes in the paint surface.

  • Gloss Beyond Expectation: Our goal is simple: to make your paint as glossy as possible. We leave no swirl mark unaddressed, no scratch untouched. Every inch of your vehicle's exterior is subjected to our meticulous correction process, resulting in a finish that's nothing short of mesmerizing.

  • Premium Products: To achieve the ultimate gloss, we rely on the finest, technologically advanced products available. Our selection of polishes, compounds, and protective coatings is carefully curated to ensure the safety of your vehicle's delicate paint while delivering breathtaking results.

Polish, Protect, and Preserve: 

When opting for our paint correction following our Full Detail service, we go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle's paint finish not only shines but also remains protected for the long haul.

  • Paint Polishing: We expertly polish your vehicle's paint to restore its lost luster. Our professional-grade polish is carefully applied to eliminate minor imperfections and enhance the overall brilliance of your paint.

  • Synthetic Paint Sealant: We don't settle for ordinary protection; we provide the best. Our synthetic paint sealant forms a durable shield over your paint, guarding it against the harsh elements of the road. With proper maintenance, this protective barrier can last for up to one year, ensuring your vehicle remains in peak condition.

Starting at $300:

This premium Paint Polishing and Protection service is an investment in the long-term beauty and resilience of your vehicle. Pricing starts at just $300, offering exceptional value for a service that enhances both aesthetics and protection.

Requires a Full Detail Service:

Please note that our Paint Polishing and Protection service is available as an add-on to our Full Detail service. For the ultimate transformation and lasting shine, we recommend combining these two services to give your vehicle the care it deserves.

Elevate your vehicle's appearance and safeguard its paint finish with our Paint Correction and Paint Polishing with Protection services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the lasting brilliance of Marvel Details.

Explore our comprehensive range of automotive detailing services, from paint correction to ceramic c


Protect your investment.

Step Three

Ceramic Coating: The Ultimate Vehicle Armor

At Marvel Details, we believe in offering the pinnacle of protection for your vehicle's exterior. Our Ceramic Coating service is designed to go beyond conventional detailing, providing a fortified shield that preserves your vehicle's pristine appearance for years to come

The Marvel Difference:

Our Ceramic Coating process begins with our renowned Full Detail Package. We believe that a clean canvas is essential for the best results. We meticulously refresh your vehicle, ensuring it's free from dirt, contaminants, and imperfections.

Multi-Step Paint Correction:
Next, we take your vehicle's exterior paint to new heights. Our multi-step paint correction process is designed to bring the paint to near-flawless condition. We eliminate light scratches and swirls, restoring the paint to a like-new brilliance. Your vehicle's exterior deserves nothing less.

7 or 9 Year Ceramic Coating:
The heart of our Ceramic Coating service lies in the application of our premium 7 or 9-year ceramic coating. This innovative technology creates a robust and long-lasting barrier against environmental hazards, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear. Your vehicle's paint will be encased in a protective layer that ensures it stays looking as good as the day it left the showroom.

Free Maintenance Wash:
We understand that ceramic coatings need proper maintenance to achieve the best results. That's why we provide your first maintenance wash for free, as long as it's completed within the first 60 days after service is complete. It's our way of ensuring your investment continues to shine.

Explore Our Maintenance Program:

Did you know that consistent maintenance is key to preserving the longevity of your ceramic coating?

Ask us about our maintenance program designed to keep your car looking its best for years to come. We'll provide you with the guidance and services needed to maintain that just-coated shine.

Starting at $1,200:

Experience the ultimate in vehicle protection with our Ceramic Coating service, starting at just $1,200. It's an investment that pays dividends in the form of a stunning, well-preserved vehicle.

Discover the transformative power of Ceramic Coating at Marvel Details. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and secure the future of your vehicle's exterior.

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Explore our comprehensive range of automotive detailing services, from paint correction to ceramic c


Step 4

Vehicle Maintenance Programs: Keep Your Vehicle Fresh Year-Round

At Marvel Details, we understand that your vehicle deserves the same level of care and attention all year long. Our Vehicle Maintenance Programs are designed to ensure that your vehicle stays in top condition, no matter the season.

Flexible Pricing Programs: We offer two distinct pricing programs, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your budget and needs. These programs are the key to keeping your vehicle detail-fresh throughout the year.

What's Included: Our Maintenance Programs encompass a range of services, including maintenance detailing, regular washes, and customizable options tailored to your specific preferences. You have the flexibility to create a program that aligns with your vehicle's unique needs.

Protect Your Investment: By selecting one of our Maintenance Programs, you're taking proactive steps to protect your investment. Regular maintenance helps preserve your vehicle's exterior paint and interior surfaces, reducing the need for more extensive full details or corrections over time.

Longevity and Quality: Choosing our maintenance option not only ensures your vehicle looks its best but also contributes to its long-term quality. With consistent care, your vehicle's paint and interior surfaces will remain in better condition as the years pass.

Keep Your Vehicle Feeling Newer Longer: Our Vehicle Maintenance Programs are designed to keep your vehicle feeling newer, longer. Enjoy the satisfaction of a freshly detailed car, no matter the season or circumstances.

Starting at $500/yr:

Experience the convenience and benefits of year-round vehicle maintenance with our programs, starting at just $500 per year. It's a small investment that yields significant returns in the form of a well-preserved vehicle.

Elevate your vehicle care routine with Marvel Details' Vehicle Maintenance Programs. Contact us today to discuss your options and embark on a journey to maintain the freshness and quality of your vehicle year-round.

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Refund Policy:

We will refund you 30% of the total cost of a project if we are unable to meet your expectations. 


If we need to ship any goods they shall be shipped at the buyers expense. 

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